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Everyone who completes the 10k and 4k races will receive a beautifully crafted “Slay the Dragon” medal as a memento of their day. Children who complete the 2k Frogmary Green Farm Fun Run will also receive a medal.

In addition to the medals, we also award trophies for winners in various categories for the three different races, including the hotly contested school trophy. Why not check out the previous years’ results to see what the winning times have been in the past?

Here’s a full list of the trophies that we award on the day:


10km “Slay the Dragon”

  • Fastest Man
  • Fastest Woman

4km “Dragon’s Tail”

  • Fastest Boy under 18
  • Fastest Girl under 18
  • Dragons Tail Trophy (Yr6-11)

2km “Frogmary Green Farm Fun Run”

  • KS1 (R-2) Fastest Boy
  • KS1 (R-2) Fastest Girl
  • KS2 (3-4) Fastest Boy
  • KS2 (3-4) Fastest Girl
  • Overall Fastest Boy years 5 & 6
  • Overall Fastest Girl years 5 & 6
  • Slay the Dragon School Trophy
  • Dragons Egg First Schools Cup
  • Baby Dragon Cup (Yr5-6)